A Year Of Action 2017

I’m committed now more than ever for this next year to be one of action. I have seen too many missed opportunities for the Council to lead and actually solve the problems that face so many people in our City. Now is the time for the City Council to put aside personal agendas and seriously work toward addressing issues that have been neglected for far too long.

The Council must lead in several critical areas, such as increasing housing affordability and supply, finding impactful solutions to homelessness, and solving the San Diego Police Retention Crisis. These are not the only issues of importance, but they are all crucial to ensuring San Diegans are able to live and work in a thriving City for generations to come.

I welcome newly sworn-in Councilmembers Georgette Gomez, Chris Ward, and Barbara Bry to City Hall and look forward to working toward a brighter more equitable San Diego. I am hopeful that this 71st Council will act as an independent and strong body that will focus on good policy that will benefit all San Diegans.


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